Participate in a study!

Grad Programs Survey
Dr. Beeson and Dr. Mace are recruiting survey participants to help build our understanding of student and workforce needs surrounding graduate and certificate programs. Click HERE to take the survey now!

Interested in public health? Heard the term “evidence-based” and not sure what it means? Public health researchers collect data using a variety of methods, analyze it, and share our understandings of it with policymakers, professionals, and the general public. Such research builds our evidence base surrounding important public health issues and potentially effective strategies.

Current (or near-future) studies:
Students in HED 330 Health Assessment have developed a survey designed to explore local perceptions of the built environment and active transport. You can learn more by clicking on links below. In brief, we’re interested in learning more about how people’s knowledge, experiences, and beliefs are related to walking and biking around Ellensburg.

If you’re an Eburg resident, even just SOME of the time, and you’d like to share your thoughts as to this topic, please take a few minutes to take the survey, HERE! It’s brief and anonymous.

We’d love to have your input, and the results will definitely be shared with decision makers, as well as with the community as a whole. Our Public Health students really value their active learning opportunities, and this survey is truly an important one for them.

More about the survey topic: Active transport (also called active transportation) means, simply, human-powered transportation – whether that means walking, biking, using a non-mechanized wheelchair, using skates or a skateboard, or showshoeing/skiing. To learn more about active transportation, visit the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the Public Health Agency of Canada. Click here to read an informative piece by the Prevention Institute discussing what we mean when we discuss the built environment, and some cool strategies communities have used to improve it!


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