Local Sites

Many outstanding partner organizations all around the county, in Yakima, and other nearby locales are seeking interns. We will continue to post agency and organization links, so check back frequently!

New Internship Opportunity – Yakima
Just heard from an alum, who wants you to know about great opportunities to work as an intern with Northwest Community Action Center in Yakima, doing great things with kids, community gardens and farmers market activities, and other wonderful health promotion work.

Interested? Contact Erika at the email address or phone number below!

Erika Ochoa
Health Promotion Coordinator
Cell: 509-314-9529

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic



Open Door Clinic

The Trellis Center

Yakima Memorial Hospital

Many of these sites have provided excellent opportunities for our students, and continue to demand CWU Public Health interns. Some have structured applications and internship selection processes, which may be obvious on their websites, and some are simply open to informal conversations or correspondence with students seeking an internship experience. Either way, if you have questions you can’t answer from a website, most sites will welcome a phone call or email. After having any contact with a potential internship site, especially if you do want to pursue a placement there, it’s wise to follow up with an email expressing your continued interest and thanking the person you talked with for their time.

Some of the links on this page take you to agencies or organizations that are simply potential partner sites. If you explore a website or make a phone call and you think it might be promising with some support from program faculty, follow up with an email and copy that email to Dr. Pearson! Likewise, as you communicate with staff at a placement of interest to you, it’s always a good idea to bring Dr. P into the loop.

Extremely local (CWU) opportunities: Public health faculty may be able to offer half- or full-credit internship experiences! In the past we’ve had students work on various projects, including research and community outreach. If you’re staying in town for the summer, watch for announcements from faculty OR simply ask if they have summer projects planned that might offer an appropriate experience.

In fact, here is an opportunity available during summer term 2015!

Hello Public Health Majors!

If you are a junior or senior this year looking for an internship placement, we have a great opportunity for you right here in Ellensburg! Your faculty are looking to recruit a research intern for the summer to be involved in public health workforce related research, data collection, and supporting the development of a community advisory board — a great intersection of important knowledge & skills you’ve already been practicing in class!

Please find the Summer 2015 Intern Job Description attached along with instructions for how to apply. The deadline is Friday, May 8th. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Dr. Mace or Dr. Beeson


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