Faculty Interests and Research

CWU Public Health faculty bring a variety of interests and research emphases to their work in our programs. Students will benefit from learning about current scholarship in the field, both in the classroom and during advising and other discussions with faculty. As you prepare for your own entry into a professional setting or for graduate study, this familiarity with research and practice directions may spark new interests for you or encourage you in pursuing a direction you’ve already begun to explore.

Most faculty really enjoy talking with others about what drives them in their work. Ask us questions. If you hear something that makes you want to know more, make an appointment specifically to discuss potential work or study surrounding a professor’s area of interest.

Below is a brief introduction to our current faculty members’ interests.

Dr. Tishra Beeson
Hello! I have a compelling interest in addressing the social determinants through innovative models that improve health among the most vulnerable communities. This often centers my work on evaluating programs and policies that improve the delivery of essential health and social services in settings that serve low-income individuals and families, communities of color, and other underserved populations. A sampling of my current research projects include:

  • Evaluating medical-legal partnerships for healthy aging in place
  • Exploring patient experiences with family planning care in community-based delivery systems
  • Understanding organizational and policy factors that facilitate and hinder family planning, sexual health, and reproductive services for adolescents

As an educator, I am passionate about equipping my students with meaningful skills that can be used to develop, implement, and evaluate public health programs to in their own communities or wherever their interests take them. I believe in offering my students exposure to a breadth of public health issues and topics and helping them discover their individual path toward emerging leadership in the public health field. I also love integrating students into the research process in meaningful and relevant ways that help build the evidence-base for our field. If my door is open, it means I’m available to meet with students — come by and chat about research, mentoring, or just your own professional growth in public health!

Contact Dr. Beeson at tishra.beeson@cwu.edu

Dr. Jill Hoxmeier
My interest is primarily in adolescent sexual health issues – dating violence, sexual assault, STI prevention, consent, sexual health services utilization, etc. I am particularly interested in the role social norms play in influencing the health behaviors of adolescents, as well as the role universities can play in promoting the health of their students. My most recent research project was investigating the influences of students’ intent to intervene as bystanders to sexual assault situations, and I hope to continue working in this area to better understand how we, as a profession, can encourage more pro-social bystander behaviors.

I loved my experience working as a health educator – from my rural community in Northwest Montana to my Rastafarian village in Guyana, South America – and I love working with undergraduate students to help ignite a passion for their own health education endeavors. As an educator, I want to foster a fun, yet challenging, environment for critical thinking for students. Public health is an exciting field that offers a diversity of opportunities for students with a wide range of passion, skills, and interests, and I want to help students find a path that keeps them motivated and inspired. I also hope to engage students into my own research endeavors, as I believe your contribution can greatly benefit our work in sexual assault prevention.  I look forward to meeting our students, so please feel free to stop by my office and share what you’re interested in!

Contact Dr. Hoxmeier at jill.hoxmeier@cwu.edu

Dr. Casey Mace

Contact Dr. Mace at casey.mace@cwu.edu

Dr. Melody Madlem
Professor, CWU Public Health program

  • Born and raised in Illinois—Daughter of a share cropper farming family.
  • Only one parent graduated from high school.
  • “We were money poor and love rich.”
  • First generation college graduate.
  • First job after receiving Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling (1985)
    • Beecher City Independent School District
      • K-12 Counselor
      • Taught junior high health, high school psychology
      • Junior Class Advisor
      • National Honor Society Advisor
      • Junior High Cheer Leading Coach
      • Junior High boys and girls track coach (we didn’t have a track—just a cow pasture out back)
      • All for a little over $13,000/yr
  • Teaching Philosophy: Learning happens wherever and whenever minds are open. Mutual respect is a prerequisite to deeper engagement.
  • Favorite Quote: “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul. And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.” Emily Dickenson

Current things that “feed my spirit”—I ride a Harley, and row a Clackacraft drift boat. If not a professor here at CWU, I would aspire to be a fly fishing guide.

Contact Dr. Madlem at melody.madlem@cwu.edu

Dr. Rebecca Pearson
I am passionate about consumer health, broadly interpreted. In particular, I am interested in the ways the information and industry environments influence people in understanding issues and in making decisions, especially those decisions surrounding food, as well as other products and services we may or may not need in order to be as healthy as we want to be.

More and more I am also fascinated by the work involved in curriculum revision, field alignment, advising, and other student success-oriented initiatives. I love public health, and I love the idea that through professional preparation we can have potentially long-lasting and important impact on people’s lives.

If you don’t find me in my office, I might be at the community garden up at the Wahle Complex! Head north between Purser on your right and the Psych building on your left and turn left at the Wahle Complex sign just after the fire hydrant. Take your first available right, look ahead and to your right, and you should see the garden. No one there and you see a weed to pull or something looks thirsty? Gate locked? Try the lock – last combination was G-R-O-W (To open using those letters push the center knob right, down, down, and left; then YANK hard)…

Contact Dr. Pearson at rebecca.pearson@cwu.edu


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