Considering Graduate Study?

Outstanding! Your faculty all did, and we can help you get started on a path that’s right for you. Visit one of us today and we can brainstorm, look at different programs with you, answer “What was it like?” questions, and generally talk your ear off.

There are so many possibilities. You may be interested in epidemiology or statistics; maternal and child health; global health; policy; public health nutrition; reproductive rights and health; or public health law, just to name a few potential directions.

Please note: CWU does not currently offer a master’s degree in public health, but we are working hard to plan for and create one! If you’re interested in pursuing a master’s in, say, the next few years and would like to return for more study here at CWU, keep us in mind.

Meanwhile, help us in the planning process by taking the MPH Student Interest survey.

Here are just two links to get you started on considering the wide variety of graduate programs that ARE available to you as soon as you’re eligible.

Oregon Master of Public Health

University of Washington School of Public Health




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