Considering Nursing?

Terrific! Our new national emphasis on prevention means that public and community health systems and strategies are becoming increasingly connected to primary care efforts. Communities are in need of nurses with a strong academic background in evidence-based population health improvement.

CWU does not offer a nursing degree. However, we know that many public health students are intending to pursue nursing school, and we want you to be aware of your options. Take a look at the list of approved nursing programs in Washington to see the wide variety of programs you can consider for your next step toward a nursing career.

If you’re considering a nursing degree, start on your prerequisite courses right away. Click here to view CWU’s Pre-Nursing Specialization. The courses in this specialization are a good fit for most nursing program admission requirements; however, students are responsible for understanding admission requirements at nursing schools of interest to them.

Also, please note that all the courses in this specialization are taught outside our department. This means that, to be sure you meet your own anticipated graduation timeline, you’ll need to check with the departments offering each class to confirm quarterly offerings. Start on that task right away so you can plan accordingly.

You will also want to know about application timelines and tasks required of you in planning for your next educational step. It’s important that you start getting a sense of these details right away to avoid being surprised or missing a deadline.

Consider the following: When would you like to start your nursing education – right after you finish your public health degree, a year or two later? Where do you want to live while in nursing school? What degree do you want? What type of setting do you see yourself in, professionally? Answering these questions will help you create your own list of the programs that interest you AND help you know what you’ll need to find out about each one.

Start visiting nursing program websites as soon as possible, and call or email a faculty advisor to ask questions when you can’t find an answer on a website. It may help to create an information and “to do” matrix for yourself, so you can keep track of what you learn about programs and check off your tasks on your way. You might use column headings such as “School/Program,” Application Deadline,” “Special Requirements,” “Contact,” and “Other Notes” to organize such a matrix for yourself.

Remember that getting admitted to nursing school simply requires a series of steps, like any other exciting future goal. If you get bogged down, your public health faculty are here to support you or nudge you as needed!



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