CWU Offers Sober Living for Students …This is Public Health!

CWU Recovery Outreach Community (CWU-ROC)

The Central Washington University Recovery Outreach Community (CWU-ROC) is a housing and community project built with the idea that students in recovery have a place to call their own. The program has two components; the first is community outreach to support and engage students in recovery and second is housing designed to meet the wellness and recovery goals that celebrates student’s decisions to be in recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

Beginning in fall 2016, Central Washington University is proud to offer Haven House, an on campus living option for students in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. With minimal on campus recovery options nationwide, CWU recognizes the need to support students working toward recovery while also providing a safe and supportive atmosphere for students as they strive to achieve both academic and personal success. The well balanced environment is a lifestyle choice which is academically designed, peer and mentor supported, and career focused. To apply to live in Haven House, please click the link below.

Haven House Application

Image of Green Hall

Additional resources and information can be found at Recovery Campus, as well as the current issue of Recovery Campus magazine. Also, check out the Collegiate Recovery map to see other efforts and programs around the country.

This opportunity was made possible by a grant from Transforming Youth Recovery, a non-profit charity of the Stacie Mathewson Foundation. For more information please contact the Wellness Center at 509-963-3213 or

Print our Rack Card!

Click here to see Ellensburg community resources for individuals in recovery.

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