Great Changes Happening for CWU Public Health!

PH major moving to new departmental home:
You may have heard a bit about this news on the wind, but now it’s official! As of July 1, 2016, the Purser Building will hold a new department – Health Sciences. Your public health faculty team is thrilled, as are our new colleagues in Nutrition, Exercise Science, and Paramedicine. We’re all working toward the same big-picture goal, after all: improving health, from both an individual and a population perspective.

We anticipate new opportunities for collaborative and engaged research, teaching, and service, and are looking forward to growing together as a new academic community.

Dr. Pearson taking on interim department chair duties:
Starting in June, I’ll be serving as the department chair for our new unit’s first year. Because of this new role, I won’t be able to serve as faculty supervisor for summer interns, but I’m still very committed to student success and to our fantastic placement partners. If you’ve been working with me to establish your Learning Agreement, and we’re still in progress, I’m happy to see that through before transferring responsibility for your supervision to Dr. Madlem. If we haven’t started working together yet and you know you’re planning a summer internship (whether 5 credits or all 10), please visit with Dr. M immediately. She’ll be an outstanding link for you as you take this leap out into the profession and prepare for your future.

AND – no matter what – be sure to keep me posted about your amazing internship experiences! Getting to hear what you’re doing, and learning, out in our field is truly a professional high point for me every year. I can’t miss it!

New PUBH prefix for public health classes:
One of our latest curricular strengthening efforts, the change from HED to PUBH as a course prefix, has just been approved. This means that when you go to register for fall classes (maybe tomorrow?) you’ll be registering for courses such as PUBH 230 and PUBH 470, rather than HED…

That’s all for now. Remember, we have a tremendous public health program here at CWU, and that isn’t changing. Questions? Concerns? Stop by my office or call or send an email.


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