Welcome to Winter Quarter!

Important Information for all majors:

Public Health Club details – Jesse Comerford is the current president. When Jesse lets us know what the club has chosen for meeting times for the winter quarter, I’ll post that information here.

Internship policy survey – If you have not yet done so, please take the internship policy survey here. We value your input.

Commencement and graduation details – Please note that if you have classes or internship credits remaining to complete during summer, you are a summer graduate! This means you will apply for summer graduation (deadline April 8) instead of spring. You MAY participate in June commencement ceremonies. Please visit the registrar’s site for details.

Substitutions and credit requirements for those in between the existing and new curricula – Remember that if you stay in the existing major with the Community Health Education specialization, you MUST meet the required credit total even though certain classes no longer exist. Please see your adviser with questions and to process substitution paperwork once you’ve received a grade for the class you intend to use as a substitute.


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