New opportunities, new students, and new season!

The afternoon has flown by, with several meetings with new majors, both in our population health specialization and pre-nursing. Very exciting!

Now as I look out my office window and get ready to go home it certainly is starting to seem like winter in Ellensburg. Makes 6pm feel like midnight.

An opportunity to interest you and get your public health juices flowing:
BUT there’s a cool and important event you may want to attend at 6pm this Thursday: The Planned Parenthood Policy Summit. Anyone interested in reproductive health should gather in SURC 137A with volunteers and supporters to discuss Planned Parenthood’s priorities for the coming year.

An opportunity to pursue additional training and education:
Interested in a health research training opportunity? Check out the Mahina International Indigenous Health Research Training Program
A job opportunity (or two):
A recent grad sent this link our way. Room One is an interesting organization in Twisp. They have several important emphases and TWO open positions!


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