Hello summer interns!

Got a quick minute to say hi to one of you – at Kittitas County Public Health – on my way into our Board of Health Advisory Committee meeting this morning. After the meeting I stopped in for an impromptu site visit with two other interns at Elmview on my way back to my office.

Looks like you’re all having GREAT experiences, and I am so excited to see your final projects in several weeks!

What’s that, you say? Remember, a terrific part of the internship experience – for you, for me, and for future interns – is your documentation of what you did, what you learned, the challenges and triumphs that came your way, what others should know about the site, how it all fits with public health, and how we can help interns continue to enjoy meaningful, career-relevant capstone experiences with agencies and organizations both near and far away.

You’ll also be completing two progress report forms during the course of your ten weeks. If you haven’t reviewed the progress report form or the project guidelines yet, why not visit the Internships page here when you get a chance? You’ll see that you can download the form and the guidelines easily to get started on those requirements.

As always, I’m a phone call or email away – and ready to support your success!


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