UC Davis Conference this fall – Consider going, but on your own!

Ok – It looks like it won’t be easy for the Public Health and Pre-Nursing Club to partner on registration, given that summer is coming up with the transition from this year’s club to next year’s.

Thus, if you want to attend, you will need to register on your own at the conference website. Here’s the registration link with information about packages and other options. If several of you want to attend you may want to carpool or otherwise work together to plan on getting to the University of Oregon to get on the bus!

We all believe that this is a GREAT conference opportunity. It’s aimed at students planning for a future related to health, public health, medicine, or other related field.

And the AMAZING part is, it’s $95 TOTAL. That’s right – $95 gets you bus ticket, lodging, meals, and conference. All you have to do is get to University of Oregon to get on the bus.

It’s in October, but space is filling up.

Visit the conference website to learn more.


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